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Bernadette Protti

Bernadette Protti’s home life was just fine, by all accounts. She was born into a devout catholic family, the youngest of six children. Her father Raymond was a retired public works officer, who taught Christianity in his spare time. Mother Elaine was a homemaker, who read her bible with a stop watch. But just fine wasn’t good enough for Bernadette.

Louise Peete

Louise was born into a relatively wealthy Louisiana family. She grew up with her hand out, likely never hearing the word ‘no’. It would not be a stretch to find a link between her indulgent upbringing and the subsequent lengths she went to in her effort to maintain a particular standard of living.

Millie Weeks

Judging from the money she made from all her marriages, Millie was a very merry widow indeed.

Winnie Judd

Winnie McKinnell thought that when she got married to Dr William Judd, it would lead to an exciting life.

Martha Rendell

To all intents and purposes, Martha Rendell might well have met her end on the gallows for the heinous crime of ‘being a step-mother’.