The Handbook

The Handbook

Making Marriage a Success
When it comes to choosing your life partner, no expense should be spared in your pursuit of the perfect mate.

The Founding of a Home
When forging a home for you and your family, there are many things to consider.

Traditional Recipes
You should always have a ready source of recipes on hand to ensure your husband and children are well-nourished. A happy fridge is a happy home!

Emergency Confinement in the Home
Occasionally you will find yourself going into early labour. This section deals with the circumstances which may precipitate this, and the actions you can take.

The Care of the Infant
The arrival of a new-born child is a cause for celebration. However, with such a blessing comes great responsibility.

The Healthy Child
Your growing child may no longer be dependent upon your for her basic needs, but this does not mean your role as care-giver is over.

On the Threshold of Womanhood
The transformation from girl-child to womanhood occurs so quickly, your daughter will find herself in unfamiliar territory without much notice.

Caring for the Elderly
Towards the end of your years, when you are not as spry as you once were, you may require the help of those who once looked to you for care.

In Times of Mental Defect
It is an unfortunate part of life that some women will not be possessed of sound mind. This can’t always be helped, due to organic or genetic disorder, or as a result of menopause or other hysteria.

Dangerous Poisons
Please familiarise yourself with these examples of unfortunate mishaps that occur when poisons and other dangerous substances are not stored correctly.